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Our Services

Customised Software Solutions

ProSoft provides you with the best software for your business. We work towards bringing your business to the same level as the fast evolving I.T world. ProSoft is engaged in ensuring that the software developed for your business is cost effective and suites in as you expected. We make the life of your employees easier by developing the system based on their daily transactions and way of working.

Point of Sales Solutions

ProSoft provides a wide range of Point of Sales solutions to suits your company's needs. ProSoft is determined to in delivering the POS that will enable your company to control the day to day processes. Our solutions can be configured to manage Single or Multiple Stores with One or More POS terminals.
Our Solutions are adapted for:

▪ Fast Foods
▪ Restaurants
▪ Garments & Apparel shops
▪ Supermarkets / Hypermarkets

Electronic Article Surveillance

ProSoft offers a wide range of EAS(Electronic Article Surveillance) to ensure that you are protected against shoplifting losses. Thus, none of your articles can move out without paying and checking out. our roducts hav been proven to be the most versatile and reliable EAS equipment on the market nowadays.

RFID Library Management

ProSoft offers a large variety of RFID devices which allows you to:

▪ Check in and out (Attendance purposes)
▪ Save data
▪ Keep track of your objects
▪ Secure items/possessions

Computer Hardware and Comsumables

ProSoft offers a large variety of RFID devices which allows you to:

▪ Check in and out (Attendance purposes)
▪ Save data
▪ Keep track of your objects
▪ Secure items/possessions

Structured Cabling Solutions

Sit & Watch our employees connect your whole Company through LAN and to the WORLD. Our Employees are qualified in Networking. Thus our work is of high quality leaving you with no complaints.

Campus wide Wi-Fi Solutions

ProSoft provides and configures Wi-Fi access points within your house/Office/Campus allowing you to comfortably surf on the net where ever you are within the building. ProSoft also provides different kinds of Wi-Fi Hardwares.

CCTV Systems

ProSoft Offer various kinds of CCTV Camera(Closed-Curcuit Television) in order to ensure your security and that of your products. ProSoft also provides different kinds of DVR(Digital Video Recorder) to be able to install as many cameras as you need and view recorded videos when needed.

Short Throw and Normal Projectors

ProSoft is giving you the opportunity to install Projectors in your Office/Home/Campus for various purposes.

Such as:-

- For Demonstration
- To enjoy a movie at night
- For classrooms

Interactive Smart Boards

ProSoft offers a large variety of RFID devices which allows you to:

You can use it:

- As a white Board
- As a writing pad
- For Demostration

Document Visualisers

ProSoft is a reseller of different kind of document visualiser devices. This helps you to easily perform a presentation based on papers and helps in showing paper based documents to a large audience at once.

Advertising Display Solutions

ProSoft has advertising display devices in its stock to simplify and modernise the way you advertise your products or company. We provide different types, kinds and size of displays to suit your need.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Business meetings with overseas meeting becomes a reality with ProSoft Video Conferencing Solutions. ProSoft does its best so as your meetings are successful and as real as possible.

IP PABX and IP Phones

ProSoft provides and installs IP PABX and Phones for you to call within and outside your premises. IP phones can be used as an intercom to talk with your colleagues on another floor/room.

Biometrics Solutions

Prosoft is a distributor of different models and renowed Biometrics devices. ProSoft provide fingerprint machines to companies for their attendance and security systems.